Shawn Weisenburgh

Shawn Weisenburgh

Shawn “The Gingerbread Man” Weisenburgh

Shawn began his martial arts journey at the age of 7 with Shotokan Karate. He found his passion however, five years later when he discovered folk-style wrestling. Shawn wrestled throughout high school, earning his alma mater’s prestigious Tough as Nails award, and into college where he studied personal training at Highline Community College. Shawn has made a name for himself in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission wrestling circuit, competing in events such as Submission Underground, ADCC trials, IBJJF Worlds, Europeans and Pan- Americans.

Shawn helps students to understand how the use of angles, leverage, and misdirection can lead one to overcome an opponent with superior strength and athleticism. Shawn looks to combine the arts of Jiu-Jitsu and folk-style wrestling to help create martial artists who can control opponents equally on the feet as well as on the ground. Having studied martial arts and participated in sports from a young age, Shawn looks to pass on his years of experience to the next generation of martial artists as an instructor of Mat Chess MMA’s kids BJJ program. Working with “The Gingerbread Man,” young jiujiteiros experience martial arts not only through the training of martial arts techniques, but the use of games, drills, and exercises to challenge them and help them grow. Shawn’s classes emphasize fun, safety, and respect for one’s fellow martial artist. Outside of martial arts, Shawn dedicates much of his time to helping others achieve their goals through his work as a NSCA certified personal trainer. Focusing on proper movement mechanics to develop strength and endurance while guiding individuals towards healthier life choices, Shawn has helped individuals lose upwards of 100lbs and shoot for state titles.

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