Mat Chess MMA Reviews

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I have been training in mixed martial arts for over a decade now, and visited Mat Chess today for the first time. It offers excellent Brazilian Jiujitsu and wrestling instruction, with high percentage techniques taught with attention to detail. The instructors are skilled, friendly, and helpful. Also, their kick boxers were some of the best I've seen in the state thus far.

Patrick Glen Walsh

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I try to visit Mat Chess when ever I'm in Seattle . They have great programs for BJJ, wrestling and Muay Thai. Andrew is a great instructor and I always pick up some valuable knowledge during his classes. What I really like about Mat Chess is the laid back, friendly environment. If I lived in Seattle, it would definitely be my second home. Thanks for the great training guys.

Joshua Prigg

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Great gym with a great staff. Andrew runs a tight ship at Mat Chess. Very supportive and involved coaching staff there. They have a great BJJ program and an amazing Muay Thai program as well. The atmosphere is very humble and focused. No major ego's in this gym. Everyone knows their place and it makes the learning experience that much more fruitful. All the coaches have a deep and very technical understanding of their craft and make no reservations on dispensing knowledge. Mat Chess is doing big things. Keep it up!

Ethan Frye

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

When people ask about Mat Chess as a gym, I always say the same thing; it's a tough gym that will train you to a competitive level, but with a very chill and respectful culture. Some of the best grapplers in the world train here. The level of detail and instruction is top notch by all three coaches and their specialties of BJJ, Muay Thai, and wrestling. Awesome place to train.

Lane Meyer

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Great group of fighters that took the time to take in a Norwegian stray for a great session. Would come back any time, and recommend anyone in the area to stop by for some good martial arts workouts :)

Brandon Trung Moen

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Andrew and his team are true gentleman. Very classy place, with top-level level instruction. Thank you for the hospitality!

Omar Abdolall

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Amazing coaches that give special attention to each and every student regardless of how busy that classes are. Andrew is a phenomenal instructor with years of experience and actually engages one on one with his students. Andy and the Muay Thai program are just as awesome! Thanks MatChess

Michael Garry

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Got invited to workout by a friend while I was visiting from out of town. The instructor, Andrew, was a warm, welcoming and gracious host... as were all the students I met. Very chill atmosphere and the lesson was very clearly broken down so even a white belt (me!) from a different gym could slide in seamlessly. Sparring at the end of the lesson was great and I even got to roll with Andrew. Very knowledgeable and very good instructor.

Tony Houchin

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

This place is Awesome. Everyone over is friendly and caring about others. The Owner Andrew is really a nice teacher. He is a very understanding person. He is giving his students really very good training. Andy, the trainer for Muay thai is also a very good teacher. Thank you for everything!!

Vishal Sehijpal

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Dropped in for 2 classes while I was visiting my brother in Seattle. I've been training jiu jitsu for a number of years and have been to several schools across the country having gone to school in different areas. The instructor, Andrew, was very welcoming and provided very technical instruction. Good class vibe and tough rolls. Thank you very much for having me! Based on my time here, I'd recommend training at Mat Chess if you looking for technical jiu jitsu and a really good work out.

Edward Wong

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Super welcoming gym in a convenient location. The owner let me pop in for a quick weekend bag session while I was in Seattle for work. Good facility and crew!

Rose Jackson

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Great gym! It's important to have gyms like Mat Chess where someone with no experience whatsoever can come in and not worry about getting beat up and thrown to the wolves on their first day of class. Andrew (Jiu Jitsu) and Andy (Muay Thai) are both very cognizant of the different skill levels present, and they adapt their teaching accordingly. If you're new, you won't feel left behind, and if you're more advanced you won't feel like you're being held back. Outside of the welcoming atmosphere, the teaching is all centered around effectiveness and technique. They show you why you're doing what you're doing and they make sure you understand when certain techniques should be used, rather than just showing you how to physically do the movements and letting you figure it out through trial and error. The benefit of this is that you get better faster and you learn to adapt when fighting. This is a place where anyone will feel welcome, but where you will also actually learn to fight.

James Dunn

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I had the privilege of joining the Mat Chess team to learn Muay Thai kickboxing when I was living in Seattle, and this may be the only gym I'd ever actively recommend for people looking to learn martial arts.

The atmosphere is uplifting and the instructor (Andy who's the Muay Thai coach at Mat Chess) is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. At first I thought I was going to be intimidated by my lack of MT basics but Andy knew how to accommodate for both beginners as well as experts in the sport. The sessions were an amazing release and you truly feel part of a family from the first day. For lazy person like me, It's tough to describe how good it feels to pushed to your limits every night, and still be motivated enough to come back the next day to improve. Andy is a miracle worker.

If you're looking to get into martial arts, or even continue your training, don't hesitate. This is the place to go.

Sari Yordi

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I have been going to Mat Chess MMA to learn Muay Thai about six months now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. One of my biggest problems with "Muay Thai" gyms is that the gyms around Seattle tended to focus just on exercise instead of actually learning Muay Thai. While the classes will make you sweat, the instructor, Andy Le, emphasizes technique above all else.

Part of the Mat Chess experience is that it really does feel like a community. Every time I come into the class, the owner, Andrew, always asks how I'm doing and the classes are small enough where I generally know everyone. Also, you can tell that most of the students in the Muay Thai class are passionate about learning and they generally have good tips to give when you are first starting off.

Overall, learning Mat Chess MMA has been a great experience for me and I look forward to going to this gym every night.

David Pham

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

After having negative experiences at 2 other Muay Thai schools in Seattle, I can tell you the instruction by Ande Le at Mat Chess MMA is top notch. In his classes Ande focuses on proper form and technique as well as footwork, clenching, timing, rythym, fight theory, and conditioning. He is involved in your learning process and really takes the time to make sure you are practicing correct technique. The environment of the school is relaxed, with very little ego or meat headedness. Andes classes are fun and light hearted. There are other schools out there for you if you're interested in showing up a few times a week, kicking bags, getting a work out, and not actually learning anything. Mat Chess MMA is not that kind of school. Here you will learn the subtleties that other schools gloss over. I would highly recommend training under Ande if you are interested in stepping up your Muay Thai.

Ryan Trioxin

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

What a great time I had there! This gym is awesome for numerous reason. First, the guys that are training there are good. They are friendly, smart, hard worker and really easy to meet. Then the instructors are great, for both wrestling and BJJ. One more time, they are really easy to meet and they give you their knowledge with pleasure. Finally, the gym is really clean, easy to find, easy to park and there is plenty of space to train. I wish I had more time with you guys!

Benjamin Burel

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Amazing Gym! they got everything there from bjj to thai boxing! Went last Friday for a trial class. Very professional and good coaching. I signed for a one-year contractšŸ˜ƒ

Daniel Abrahams

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I add an awesome experience there. It was my first time BJJ and I felt comfortable in the middle of friendly people! I really appreciate my time there and I thank them for let me train with no experience at all.

Alice Delacourt

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Mat Chess is the place to go to practice and learn solid Jiu Jitsu in Seattle. The owner, Andrew, welcomed me into his gym to experience some solid training with experienced guys. If your visiting or live in the area and want to learn practical Jits, check out this gym.

Jonathan Juggert Subfighter MMA, Laguna Hills, CA

Jonathan Juggert

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

You have not ever tasted better water than the water from this gyms fountain. I've been training with Mat Chess on and off for years and I always come back. It's a great training family and a nice space, especially for jujitsu!

Sean McNally

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

The Brazilian Jiujitsu at Mat Chess is a great program. Andrew teaches a very technical game and fosters a friendly and humble community that one can always learn from.

The Muay Thai class at Mat Chess MMA is world-class due to Andy. He strikes an amazing balance between intensity and friendliness and is able to accommodate the needs of the most seasoned practitioners as well as the newest beginner. Andy is passionate about Muay Thai and sharing that passion with his students. He teaches a very technical and very authentic Muay Thai - a refreshing change from the gross majority of places that claim to teach Muay Thai but in reality don't. If you want to learn real Muay Thai, come to Mat Chess and learn from Andy.

All in all, Mat Chess is the place to go to if you want to learn BJJ and especially Muay Thai.

Rajeev Stephens

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Thanks for the rolls! Very welcoming atmosphere, nice people, good jiu jitsu and a nice (and clean) facility.

Will Durkee

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Incredibly technical instructors and amazing training! Very lowkey environment but at the same time a strong dedication to mastery of the martial arts.

Andrew has a tremendous jiu-jitsu game unlike any I've ever felt (you have to feel the pressure to believe it). He runs an awesome school and is there to ensure everyone is learning and enjoying themselves.

Andy is an incredibly technical muay thai instructor who is able to pinpoint the smallest details of your technique that may be holding you back from getting to the next level. He is always able to answer ANY questions about not just the what but also the "why" of the most basic or the most advanced moves

Clay Blackiston

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I have really enjoyed my time at Mat Chess. The martial arts instruction is top notch, and the gym atmosphere is supportive and friendly. I appreciate that each jiu-jitsu class is taught by Andrew, the gym owner and black belt. Additionally, Andy's Muay Thai class is excellent. Andy focuses on proper technique, and takes the time to address the different needs of the students. There is no doubt that joining Mat Chess is the right move!

Phillip Wong

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I just want to give a shout-out to Muay Thai instructor, Andy Lê! He has help to bring my kicks to the next level through integration of fundamental and advanced techniques, speed and power training, as well as through conditioning. I love the format of his class and the intimacy of the program. Andy is a very knowledgeable instructor who adapts to different individual learning types. If you are thinking of checking out the place, I STRONGLY recommend you try it. You will not be disappointed!

Dave Marshall

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Amazing experience at this place for about a year. Muay Thai, Jujitsu, boxing and freestyle wrestling. I did primarily boxing. I was be far the most fit I had ever been in my life, and the trainers and coaches there are serious competitors and serious teachers. Can't say enough about the place.

Eric Dodd

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Training at Mat Chess MMA is always an amazing experience. When I am stopping through Seattle, this is the only place that I train Jiu-Jitsu. They have a great kids program that my son enjoys. Professor Andrew and his staff are very gracious and super friendly. I can't wait to train there next time. Thanks for a good time as usual Mat Chess :-)

Randolph Bazile

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Very nice, clean facility whith plenty of room to train. Andrew and the whole room were very warm and welcoming. Very glad I trained here when in Seattle.

Ben Liss

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

This was by far the best experience i have had in jujitsu in a long time. I came from a very abusive gym in north Seattle and was about to stop my jujitsu journey and then i heard from a friend about this place Mat Chess. Amazing people very talented respectful for beginner or advanced in martial arts; the most amazing class environment you will ever find in Washington by far excellent instructors and people.

Aqua Prigge

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Andrew and the team there have been excellent to work with and have provided very good coaching.

So some of my details, I'm 36, I had never wrestled or boxed before, I did not want to be around a bunch of knuckleheads, period. So I was starting from the ground up and I was a bit apprehensive.

What I found at Mat Chess was impressive, the environment is great, people are competitive and very hard working but are not looking to injure their teammates. I feel like I'm part of the team and I have been training there for about 2 years now.

I really recommend checking Mat Chess out, its a very solid school.

Hope you find this helpful in finding the right school for you!

Nicky Tsunami

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

These guys do very good Muay Thai. I haven't tried the grappling program; maybe next time.

Bruce Balensiefer

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I went here to live out the excitement and joy that I got from watching the UFC! It was such a great time with great coaches and teammates!

Go here if you want to practice 1 on 1 with pads and have a more personal experience. Also, say what's up to Andy & Andrew for me!

Richard Kim

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

These guys know what they are doing. They were very nice and welcomed me in. Can't wait to come back.

Colton Vaughn

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I have been doing martial arts for a while. (At least half of my life) Also, I have trained at a couple gyms and schools. I started training with Andrew when a fellow Jiu Jitsu artist that I looked up to recommended him. Training with Mat Chess added new dimensions to my grappling. Before, I had holes in my game and grappling wasn't always my strong point. I still submitted people from time to time but sometimes, I felt like I wasn't sure of what I was doing. Training with Andrew helped me to have a game plan and have a direction in my training. Being a fulltime student and having a fulltime job, time was (and is) valuable for me. I don't have the time to live in the gym like some of my old classmates. I felt the time training with Mat Chess was well spent. I learned techniques that worked for me. Andrew is very technical straight to the point, and he cares about your improvement. He's interested in what works more than having a lot of techniques when only 1/3 of them will work for you. I have seen more than a few people at Mat Chess who have not grappled for very long become very good grapplers and even win tournaments. Training there even improved my boxing and added to my kickboxing which I had already been doing for a while. Andrew has a good knowledge of boxing and kickboxing as well.

Dunn Le

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Andy Le is such a knowledgable instructor in Muay Thai and probably the best instructor I have ever met. For those people who want to get into traditional Muay Thai style that emphasizes on strong kicks, elbows, takedown and clinching tied in with boxing and footwork, I strongly recommend you to join Mat chess and train under Andy. Moreover, Andy will show us different carefully designed drills, techniques, proper forms and conditioning workouts with physics and theories behind in every session, not like the negative experience I had in other gym that instructor basically just let me do some shadow box, bag kicking and conditioning. Anyways, if you want to fight like real Muay Thai boxer and actually make progress, come to train under him.


Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Andrew and the rest of the crew at Mat Chess were extremely welcoming to me, as a visitor for the weekend. The structure of the class is easy to follow and the instruction was excellent. I'd definitely recommend to anybody looking for a great place to train in the Seattle area.

Jeremy Gonzalez

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Great Brazilian jiu jitsu, the head instructor Andrew is extremely knowledgable and breaks down key details. Hospitable and great environment

Samuel Furrh

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Dropped in to train while traveling, Andrew was welcoming and taught some great techniques, everyone was friendly and had some fun rolls. Drop by if you get a chance!

Jonathan Cuniowski

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Dropped in for wrestling and no Gi while traveling for work, everyone was super nice and welcoming! Great rolls and knowledgeable instructors, definitely will be coming back next time I am in the area.

N Semper

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

My son has been training at Mat Chess for over a year. Andrew is patient and an excellent instructor. My son has become much stronger and very skilled and takes it more seriously than anything else he does. I am very thankful to Andrew for his dedication. My son has learned a great deal and gained confidence through his focused training, including with the great assistance of adult students who add variety to the training for my son. I would strongly recommend Mat Chess to any parent without reservations.

Brian Smith

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Mat Chess MMA is an amazing gym has the best Muay Thai program I've ever been a part of. The instructors genuinely care about your improvement and focus on both the sport and the practical applications of the martial art. Its a very personal environment where we all work hard to help each other improve. Shout out to our instructor Andy who takes the time to get to know everyone as well as go around to help every student one on one. Any gym will get you fit and in shape but if you want fitness and genuine Muay thai instruction, then this is the gym for you!

Dan Ceban

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I started learning Muay Thai at Mat Chess in the spring of 2015. Beginning any sort of martial art is always intimidating, and requires an environment that balances both a competitive and safe environment to train in. I can say that Mat Chess and Andy (the Muay Thai coach) hit both the marks. Both Andy and the gym create an atmosphere that promote growth in both the psychological, physical and technical aspects of fighting, which is a hard thing to find. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone both experienced or beginning both Muay Thai or BJJ.

Sam Drummond

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I dropped in for a jiu jitsu class and open mat and found an awesome group of people and talented instruction. I had a blast and learned a bunch. I would recommend it to anyone looking to train in Seattle.

John Laurino

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Once a year we visit Seattle and make sure to come to Mat Chess to train with Andrew and all the other gym members. Andrew is a great instructor, very attentive to details and points out fine points to apply pressure that aren't common elsewhere. The new facility is also really nice and clean. Always look forward to our visits to Mat Chess!

Joshua Ou

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Mat Chess is awesome. If you're in the Seattle area, whether living there or passing through, I definitely recommend checking this place out. The instruction is super detailed and the head instructor/owner, Andrew, is very friendly and willing to help you improve your game. He's also a nightmare to roll with, so bring your A game.

Phillip Johnson

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Mat Chess is awesome! Everyone is very friendly and the instructor is great. It's a great place to train.

Aldeir Sotelo

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I seriously love this gym. It's a reason for me to get excited about visiting Seattle. Every time I go in, everyone is having a blast while training really hard. Nobody's slacking. Nobody's grumpy. Nobody's got a chip on their shoulder. The owner is super nice. Can't say enough good things.

Sam Top

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Great gym, really knowledgeable instructor who is excellent at jiujitsu and at teaching. Also a very friendly, and technically strong group of training partners.

Noah Simon

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Matt Chess is an awesome gym! Great classes and a good atmosphere. People are friendly and always willing to help you improve your game. A lot of focus on technique, I have learned a lot since I started training there.

Oscar H

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I have spent the past year and a half training at Mat Chess and I have learned an incredible amount and had a great deal of fun in the process! Everyone is very friendly and helpful, regardless of your level of skill. Bottom line: Mat Chess is a great place to learn MMA.

Andy Innes

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I had a great time rolling with these guys. I came in from Austin, TX on business for a few days. Andrew was great to train under and it was one of the best/hardest times I have had rolling at all the BJJ gyms I have visited in my travels across the US.

Thanks Andrew

Chris Leon

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

My favorite gym!!! Great people, and great technique with an awesome atmosphere. A must try place in the Seattle area!

Kelton Hungate

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I've been here almost 3 years now and I like this gym a lot. The coaches are very patient and great at teaching skill and motivating you. Strong team community at this gym as well. Strongly recommended if you'd like to try striking or grappling to try this gym out.

Nicole Katsilometes

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Absolutely love Mat Chess MMA and all the great people who train there. After only 4 months training I was able to compete and place in my first Jiu Jitsu tournament thanks to fantastic instruction from Andrew and the best training partners anyone could ask for. If you want to learn Jiu Jitsu this is the place to be!

Eric Holtzman

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Thank you Andrew for the training. I learned more than I can express in words. This is a phenomenal team, great culture of sharing and teaching and learning. I recommend this place. Love training here.

Jason Schilbach

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

The best atmosphere in any MMA, Jiu Jitsu or Boxing Gym that I've been in. The price is also very cheap for the amount of attention and training that you get. Andrew Perkins is a top notch guy and instructor.

Bryson Davis

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Great BJJ gym - very good instruction and training partners.

I dropped in for a class while visiting Seattle, and was very happy that I did. Andrew Perkins, the instructor, has great jits, and teaches it really well. There wasn't a lot of ego on the mats - everyone I rolled with was tough but very reasonable and not out to make you into dog food. Mat space was ample.

The class started with a flow roll to warm up, then a few rounds of rolling after everyone was warm, then some back and s-mount instruction, drilling, then a quick takedown drill, and some rolling to finish off the session. I actually preferred the form to the standard Brazilian class (30 min warmup, 30 min technique/drilling, 30 min rolling) - the bookending the rolling makes for better practice, I think.

Very happy I found this place to train at when I'm back in Seattle. If you go, watch out for Andrew's butterfly guard game, it's pretty slick.

Jerry Derevyanny

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I had the opportunity to train here on a business trip in late 2013. Even though I was a one time guest, Andrew (the owner) and the rest of the guys/gals at Mat Chess MMA were warm and welcoming. Martial artists of all skill levels were training together and the respect for various levels of experience was clearly displayed throughout the session. The class was well organized, constantly moving and focused on both drill and open training. Even though I was only passing through, both Andrew and the advanced students were happy to pause and give this traveler some fine tuning points. I found their instruction both insightful, detailed and right on point.

Being a glutton for punishment, I decided to stick around for the boxing class right after jui jitsu. 'Z' instructed on this one and everything I had come to expect from Andrew, Z picked right up on. He quickly assessed my skill level and brought me into the fold appropriately. Instruction was detailed to the level of experience and the coaching was phenomenal. Not to mention a workout that I am still feeling as I write this.

Lastly, when I first arrived, I had the opportunity to see Andrew working with his kids class. As a Black Belt and instructor in Karate who mainly works with kids/youth, I firmly believe you can tell the quality of an instructor by how s/he works with kids. I have two boys who have grown up in the martial arts, who are also black belts, and I would not hesitate to enroll them here. The instructor was patient but detailed the proper technique rather than letting things slide. He also incorporated the more advanced students to help the beginning students, thus building confidence in both. Great job.

Thank you to all the folks at Mat Chess MMA for allowing me to come in and have a wonderful experience.

Andrew Bowen

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Mat Chess fosters a friendly but competitive environment which has been a great recipe for learning and improving. The jiu jitsu instructor is not only a jiu jitsu black belt but a high school teacher, and that really shows in his well thought curriculum and his passion to share knowledge.

If you have the slightest interest in training jiu jitsu or mma, or just want a new way to get in shape, I highly recommend you stop by Mat Chess.

Jason Takisaki

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I'm a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with over 5 years experience in Jiu Jitsu. I moved to the Seattle area for grad school recently, and I visited out several of the larger Jiu Jitsu gyms in the area. I've now been training at Mat Chess MMA for the past few months. Andrew Perkins is a very cerebral and friendly individual with a black belt in BJJ under Dave Ginsberg. With regard to the Jiu Jitsu classes (both gi and no-gi), they are conducted in a way that facilitates learning technique and developing grappling conditioning. In addition, Andrew takes the time to help everyone correct or improve minor movements that make jiu jitsu techniques work; this makes grappling more fun for everyone. Moreover, he trains with all his students at an intensity level that is appropriate to his students' current grappling ability. In conclusion, if you are looking for a place to train Jiu Jitsu (gi or no-gi) near the UW, you will find high level instruction and solid training in a friendly environment at Mat Chess MMA.

Trevor Pettigrew

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I was lucky enough to train with Andrew and the team of mat chess in my vacation to Seattle. It was fun and I learned things that will help my Jiu Jitsu. Andrewbwas great. He is big and strong with great Jiu jitsu yet he is patient and very controlled. Everyone was great. Thank you!

Rick Fineman

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Andrew is an extremely good teacher and points out so many little details to techniques that he teaches. The people at the gym are all friendly and amazing on the mats

Jonathan Ou

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Mat Chess! I'm originally from Bellingham but I dropped in for open mat on a Sunday and had a great training session. The owner, Andrew was especially helpful and friendly. I'll definitely be back.

Ali Beemsterboer

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Went in and trained while vacationing to Seattle. Every person we met was extremely friendly, helpful and had great Jiu Jitsu game! Loved our experience. Will definitely come back next time we're in the city!

Sarah Long

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I was here for a open mat last weekend, they have lot of mat space and a cool group of people.

Alvaro Cisneros

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I stumbled onto Mat Chess because it was relatively close to the University of Washington, where I go to school. Coming into the gym with some experience in BJJ, I was happy to see the high level Jiu Jitsu that Andrew teaches and how much I have learned from him. Andrew systematically takes the students through each technique with every little detail being covered so that people can learn and master the technique.

The training atmosphere that Andrew has established at Mat Chess is conducive to learning and allows people to adapt their game to different grappling styles. Every one in the gym is very friendly and grapples with the intent to improve their game (not trying to show how much better they are than others like I have experienced in other gyms).

The other classes (boxing, muay thai, and wrestling) are also great, with all the instructors being patient with all the students (new and experienced) and promoting an excellent learning environment. I strongly recommend Mat Chess to every one who wants to try or continue BJJ and/or MMA.

Carlos Arbelaez

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Mat Chess is a great gym. If you want to learn Jiu Jitsu and improve your game, come to Mat Chess. I am a UW student and first came to the gym because of its location and wanted to continue training in Jiu Jitsu while studying as a freshmen. I have been coming to the gym frequently for a year and love it. Andrew and other students has done wonders to improve my game and make me better at Jiu Jitsu and overall grappling. Andrew is a great instructor, very friendly, knowledgeable and technical. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, which makes the gym have a great atmosphere. If you are passionate about Jiu Jitsu and training come to Mat Chess.

Ricardo Valdez

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I've been training here for about two years now doing the no-gi jiu jitsu, wrestling and muay thai classes. someone could not pay me to move to another gym. The atmosphere here is like training with a family. Not only does Andrew (the owner/instructor) make everyone feel more than welcome, he's skill and teaching ability is unparalleled.

Kevin Longust

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I have trained no-gi Jiu Jitsu for a couple years and have been at different gyms.

I have trained at Mat Chess for a few months now, taking the no-gi grappling classes and love it.

Mat Chess differentiates itself in two ways.

1/ Technique - First, Andrew (head grappling coach, JJ black belt under Dave Ginsberg, owner) is awesome. He has a fairly structured way of delivering techniques class after class. In essence, he is progressively distilling his "system" (not a term he uses per se - he uses the term strategy), which as far as I can tell is not the plain vanilla Jiu Jitsu you might have learned initially but rather a straightforward, yet unusual and effective view on it.

I personally love that it's all in control, even in scrambling situations. It's solid technique that is delivered with great attention to details that matter. Keep your eyes peeled and listen up. This is high quality content you will not find on youtube.

2/ People - This leads me straight into my second point, which is about people training at Mat Chess. Folks overall have a very control-centered game as opposed to a scrambling game - i.e. in my opinion Andrew trains folks to become "technical". This means often times, you can't get in or out of a situation just by scrambling or muscling your way through. You'll have to know what you are doing. Likewise, many students will quickly capitalize on common mistakes.

Bottom line: I personally go there to improve my technique.

In a couple months, I have seen my grappling progressively improving and becoming more solid, going from aggressive nonstop scrambling to tighter control and cleaner transitions.

I still have a long ways to go but Andrew traces a nice roadmap for his students to follow to meet the highest standards of Jiu Jitsu technique.

Francois de Laigue

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Stopped by to train over vacation. A lot of good training partners and Andrew the instructor was great.

Charles Butterfield

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Went to a no gi jiu jitsu class here, while staying in Seattle; quality training and great people. Thank you for the mat time!

Brenten Canfield

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I've been training here since the gym opened--absolutely love it! People are really friendly and helpful. They have a great competition team, as well. The atmosphere is conducive to learning and for building a community.

Andrew White

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Andrew is an exceptional instructor who cares about his students. His technique is superb, and his teaching ability allows students to replicate it. Fantastic place!

Ashton Hyman

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Professor Andrew is a fantastic teacher with an awesome group of students!

Devon Cribb

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

Innovative, meticulous technique is taught and creates one of the toughest rooms I have ever trained in. Super chill, family-vibe to boot.

Rama Reddy

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle


Orion Lenhert De Smet

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I was able to drop in while I was visiting from out of town. Very friendly, welcoming group and some great training. Thanks guys!

Mitch Sroka

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Great gym! Location is great (ample parking), nice people, instructors.

Gordon Chen

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Awesome people great place to train

Joel Cunningham

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Great people, legit jiu-jitsu technique. I can't wait to go back

Pete Werve

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I have been training in mixed martial arts for over a decade now, and visited Mat Chess today for the first time. It offers excellent Brazilian Jiujitsu and wrestling instruction, with high percentage techniques taught with attention to detail. The instructors are skilled, friendly, and helpful. Also, their kick boxers were some of the best I've seen in the state thus far.

Patrick W

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Found out about Mat Chess via

Happy that they have an open mat on Sunday's. A lot of the other gyms in the area are closed on Sunday's.

Friendly members, owner was super cool. Clean and fun location. Definitely will be back.

Tip: the gym is in the basement of the deli on the corner.

Ryan P

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Great vibe at this place. Instruction is friendly and helpful and there is a good mix of talent and experience with people both genders training here. If you are looking for somewhere to train or just want to give jiu jitsu and/or kickboxing a try, this is the place.

Benjamin S

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Our son takes part in the Mat Chess Bryant After School Program. . . and it's been a hands-down FANTASTIC experience for him and for us. Andrew or Sen arrive at Bryant every afternoon to escort their elementary-aged charges down the street to the Mat Chess studio for an hour plus of jiu jitsu and exercise. But they aren't just learning jiu jitsu; we can see in our son that they're also learning life skills and how to be all-around good people. He totally loves going and always leaves happy.

Andrew & Sen are great with the kids and all-around great people. Interesting to talk to, gracious and good role models. What more could we ask for?

I recommend Mat Chess without reservation or equivocation!

Andrew F

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Trained here for the first time recently. It's the third gym in Seattle that I've grappled at, and will now be my first choice when I'm in the area. Impeccable, spacious, mat, and thoughtful instruction from Andrew. One thing that perhaps hasn't come across in other posts is the level of grappling skill that Andrew possesses. I've been around this sport awhile, and trust me when I say that he is elite. In my case, he knew that I was looking to get in an hour of serious training and I left very satisfied!

Afreiden F

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Great variety of classes and competitive yet fun environment. Something for everyone of all levels.

The owner/instructor, Andrew, is friendly and teaches hands on.

Stop in for a roll 7 days a week and you'll be as sold as I am.

P.S. Beautiful and spacious new facility tailor made for Jiu Jitsu!!

Paul S

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Dropped in for wrestling and no Gi while traveling for work, everyone was super nice and welcoming! Great rolls and knowledgeable instructors, definitely will be coming back next time I am in the area.

Nathan S

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

I started training with the owner/head instructor here, Andrew, in 2005. He is a fantastic jiu jitsu player, skilled in all aspects of the gentle art, with a very technical game based on solid fundamentals and an open mind. He's an incredible teacher too; very skilled at communicating not just individual moves, but the concepts behind jiu jitsu that are so crucial to proper development. Andrew's also a great guy on a personal level. Humble, patient, and kind. From my recent rolls with some of his students, it's clear just how much Andrew has invested in making his students great. Five stars!

Paul N

Kids Martial Arts Seattle

Excellent facility and professor/owner. Andrew is patient and amazing gentle considering his size and strength. I did a drop in at Mat Chess today and could not be happier. If I lived in Seattle I would definitely train here. Everyone was nice and supportive with great mat skills. It is also a great facility - clean with newer mats.

Rick F

Kids Martial Arts Northeast Seattle

I trained at Mat Chess over 4 years ago, Andrew the head instructor was my first real Jiu Jitsu teacher. He taught me solid foundation to which I use today. His teaching style, attention to details, tournament preparation, is very organized and one of the best. He is very passionate about teaching and the improvement of his students. I have moved away and no longer train here but I will always be proud that I came from this gym. The techniques he teaches are high percentage and high level, you won't be disappointed. I also liked how he adjusts the details for different body types. I had some of the best SWEAT in life at this gym, get ready to be put to work while having fun! They have plenty of classes for both kids and adults, No Gi, and Gi, AWESOME wrestling program, and Muay Thai. I highly recommend this gym to anyone! The training partners here are also the best, they really care about your progress and more than willing to help.

Anh P

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