Reflect on Your Game #1: Breathing for Jiu Jitsu

Reflect on Your Game #1:  Breathing for Jiu Jitsu

Reflect on Your Game #1:  Breathing for Jiu Jitsu


I have been considering how we can best progress our Martial Arts through reflection.  The purpose of the series is to have the Martial Arts practitioner look critically on an aspect of their current game so that when you do come to train you have some clarity and focus that will hopefully accelerate our progress.  


It is critical to control one’s breathing when starting Jiu Jitsu in order to both think clearly and to increase endurance.  Well controlled breathing will be metered and metronome like with a general maintenance of rhythm. Oftentimes, the new practitioner will hold their breath to increase their flex and explosive energy for a single movement.  While this can increase the explosiveness and strength of the movement, it comes at considerable cardio and cognitive expense, generally leading to a feeling of fight or flight where instinctual movements replace the more efficient taught Jiu Jitsu techniques.  Below are a few questions followed by recommendations to check in on your progress on controlling your breath.  


Does your breath accelerate just before an explosive movement?  


Do you hold your breath during explosive movements?  


Is your breath measured or does it vary in intensity regularly?  


If you are struggling controlling your breath, I recommend making a pusshhhhhhhing sound at each breath.  This will allow you to easily check in on the rhythm of your breath as it will create a beat. If you miss a beat, you have also missed a breath.  


During a roll, does your breath generally come in from your nose and out your mouth?  


If your heart rate is low enough to allow it, it is more efficient to breathe in through your nose and out your mouth.  See if you are able to maintain this through an entire intense roll.  


When under duress do you start hyperventilating?  


When under duress, I recommend closing your eyes.  Interestingly enough, the eyes play a relatively insignificant role in Jiu Jitsu during times where both athletes are connected (the vast majority of the time).  To highlight this, I recommend you try and complete an entire role with your eyes closed. Often it is the visual of being controlled by an opponent that is more intimidating and taxing than the actual pressure. 


Do you time movements according to your opponent's breath? 


When in a static position and when contemplating a quick or explosive movement to get to the next advantageous position or to escape, I recommend timing your movement according to your opponent's breath.  Right at the very end of your opponents exhale they are very unlikely to make a quick reactionary movement and when your movement is timed right at this moment, you can gain a slight timing, strength and speed advantage. 

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