Dan Ceban Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Dan Ceban

Dan Ceban was influenced by martial arts at a young age adopting both the physical aspects and philosophical principles to his career as a competitive athlete as well as his everyday life. As a practitioner of Muay Thai, Dan is heavily influenced by the Muay Femur style of technical fighting which places a heavy focus on technique and the ability to utilize all of the weapons of Muay Thai to overcome an opponent. He believes that martial arts should be taught with practicality in mind also, which is why one of the reasons he competes is to test the effectiveness of his abilities against opponents in order to learn and grow with the art and then share his experiences with his students and training partners. As a coach, Dan likes to stress the importance of correct and effective technique because it is the foundation for both self-defense and competitive purposes. He believes it is important for his students to discover their own fighting style and then continues to help them grow by equipping them with techniques and strategies specific to that style. This also includes mental training because Dan is a strong advocate of “smart” fighting as opposed to just “hard” fighting which can be extremely reckless and usually leads to injury.

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