Andy Le Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Andy Le

Martial arts have been a big part of Andy’s family throughout many generations. Andy had the opportunity to train at some of the most prestigious Muay Thai camps in Vietnam, including the chance to train with the Muay Thai National Team of Vietnam.

Regard as a “Technique Nazi” by some of his students, Andy strongly believes that small, technical details can make a huge difference between good and great fighters. Throughout years of training, he has developed a comprehensive Muay Thai program that puts emphasizes on three different elements: striking, clinching, and pad holding. Andy has a strong believe in keep things as authentic as possible when it comes to Muay Thai. As an instructor, Andy’s ambition is to develop his students into free-thinkers by acting as a “guidebook” to help the students build a solid foundation, develop their own style, and can express themselves combatively if they wish to compete in the future.

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